What Is The Realization Of Industrial Automatic Equipment Positioning

With the rapid development of the processing industry, the level of automation equipment in all walks of life is getting higher and higher.

Modern processing workshops are often equipped with automatic machine to improve production efficiency and replace workers in dangerous and arduous labor in harsh environments.


At present, the control methods of industrial automatic machine commonly used on the market are mainly driven by hydraulic or pneumatic pressure.

The advantage of this control strategy is that the structure is simple and the system is easy to control.

However, the disadvantage is that the positioning of the system is achieved by setting the position of the proximity switch, and the positioning accuracy is low.

Once the user requests to change the type of retrieving work, the positioning switch of each hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder must be re-adjusted to adapt to the new work task, Conducive to the automation of the production process.


The main motion of the automatic machine adopts the all-electric control mode.


The system uses the AC motor as the driving source, the dedicated AC motor servo controller is the lower position machine, the industrial control computer is the upper computer, and the system adopts the distributed control control strategy.

The design scheme has high control precision, high control real-time performance, compact structure and easy operation by the user.