With the development of the electronic industry, the application range of the terminal lug and cable lug is more and more wide.

At the present stage, the key application is in the power engineering control, machine equipment control, automation control, intelligent security control, instrument equipment and other industries.

As we know, now the society as stepped into the era of high speed, efficiency is an important production standard. We provide automatic equipment customization.


Automatic machines operate or control automatically according to prescribed procedures or instructions, with the goal of "stability, accuracy and speed".

Yqunique’s automatic machines are widely used in electric power, new energy resources, new-energy vehicle and industrial production.

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All of our automatic machines can supply custom service.

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* Product catalogues for download in PDF-format. * All information, such as certificates, manuals, operation using video on youtube.

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Before delivery, every time is debugged first, the test samples are consistent with the requirements of the drawings, and then the delivery is arranged. During debugging, videos (instruction videos) and pictures are taken.

After-sale Service

Our products have a 1-year warranty. 24hours*7 online service is available.