YE-Z2 Automatic Tube Chamfering Machine

Pipes are usually chamfered in preparation for welding. Sometimes, however, this process is designed to deburr the ends, making them more aesthetically pleasing and safer to handle. Unlike other types of end sharping, such as flaring or expanding, chamfering must be done on a specific automatic tube chamfering machine.

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Equipped with PLC panel control, the automatic tube chamfering machine can be divided into vibration plate and manual discharging.

The feed of our YE-Z2 automatic tube chamfering machine is controlled by a vibrating plate. Various configuration possibilities allow for a variety of applications from 8 to 100mm double-end chamfering.

An optimal combination of proven state-of-the-art components results in outstanding productivity.

  • The vibration plate controls feeding.
  • The center point is easy to adjust, and the length and size are adjusted by rack and pinion, which is accurate and stable.
  • The cutter head adopts a taper type, which is easy to grind.

An automatic tube chamfering machine is a kind of pipe and bar processing method. There are many factors that can influence your choice of an automatic tube chamfering machine. For example, we offer four different models of automatic tube chamfering machines, which serve different specifications and requirements.

Technical Parameters

project Technical parameters
The power supply voltage 380v 50Hz
The external air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
The workpiece length 8-100mm
Machining diameter  pipe tube ∅2.5-∅16,bar tube ∅2-∅6
Processing speed Processing times 30 to 40 times per minute
The length of tolerance ±0.05mm
The motor power 0.75KW/1.1KW
Spindle speed 1400r/min.2800r/min
Feeding way vibrating disk
Processing range Suitable for all kinds of metal pipe. Inside. Outside. Two head chamfering flat bar
Machine size/weight 1220mm*800mm*1600mm/395kg

Manufactures Description

chamfer machine


Tube length can greatly impact your automatic tube chamfering machine choice. Both long and short tubes, for example, often require specifically designed machines.

Another consideration is whether you chamfer any solid bars or non-round tubes. Some tube chamfering machines can accommodate solid bars or non-round shapes but some cannot. It is important to determine whether these features are important to your application specification.

Another thing to be aware of is the type of chamfering that can be accomplished on a given machine. All of our automatic tube chamfering machines, except for one option, can do external and internal chamfering, and optional radius (round) chamfering.


This equipment is suitable for double head chamfering of copper pipes, aluminum tubes, copper bar or aluminum bar. It can simultaneously chamfer inner and outer corners and end faces.

This machine can realize automatic loading, feeding and chamfering processing.

tube chamfering machine

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