YE-C20 Frication Welding Machine For Bi-Metallic Lugs

Automatic welding is used for continuously repeated welding on factory production lines. Our YE-C20 automatic friction welding machine is used for fast welding of bimetal lugs production line.

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The automatic friction welding machine is a general term for the welding process, which uses equipment to weld continuously without the need for continuous operation of the operator.

In factory automation, automatic friction welding machine instead of manual welding, welding according to the program, improve processing time and batch production efficiency.

  • YE-C20 friction welding machine is a hydraulic drive, semi-automatic continuous drive welding machine.
  • A wide range of welding metals, especially suitable for welding dissimilar metals. The welding surface is not easy to oxidation, microstructure (fine forging organization), and not easy to produce pores, cracks, and other defects. Usually can be compared with the strength of the base metal to form the same joint.
  • This machine has good reproducibility, stable welding quality, easy to realize automatic control of process parameters and quality.
  • Good working conditions, no environmental pollution, easy to put into the mechanical production line production. High production efficiency includes welding copper fittings, up to 300-500 pieces per hour. Low power consumption and energy-saving. No material needs to be added during welding.

Technical Parameters

Performance Specifications
Max Force Power 200 KN
Weld diameter 14mm-35mm
Rotating clamp clamping length 50mm-200mm
Clamping length of movable clamp 80mm-800mm
Slide travel 300mm
Spindle speed 560r/min
production efficiency 300-500pcs/hour
Main motor power 18.5kw
Oil pump motor power 9.5kw
Machine  size 3200mmx750mmx1350mm
Hydraulic station size 1800mmx1350mmx1600mm
Machine weight 5000kgs

Manufactures Description

frication welding machine


The working principle of automatic friction welding machine:

The automatic frication welding machine is the most commonly used welding equipment, it uses the heat in the mutual movement of the contact end’s workpiece.

First of all, when welding the workpieces on the round surface, one of which rotates at speed going around with the spindle, and then the other pressure begins to rub, reaching the machine’s set time, immediately stopping the rotation, while forcing more pressure on the shaft to weld.


Friction welding is a solid state welding process. It generates heat through mechanical friction between workpieces in relative motion, and a lateral force called upsetting is applied to plastically shift and fuse materials.

Since no melting occurs, friction welding is not a fusion welding process, but a solid state welding technique more like forge welding. Friction welding is used with metals and thermoplastics in a wide variety of aviation and automotive applications.

bi-metallic lug welding machine

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