YE-180 Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine(Double-Crimping)

The wire harness processing machine can press the hardware connector to both ends of the wire and then conduct.

It integrates feeding, cutting, peeling, and crimping, and the whole process is completed at one time.

This machine adopts PLC control, a touch operation panel, one person can operate more than one machine.

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High productivity and reliability using a positioning unit by servo motor and double drive wire feed unit.

Equipped with a servo motor positioning device and double drive wire feeding device, it has high production efficiency and reliability. It can guarantee the outstanding performance of the machine.

  • Compact, high-speed automatic terminal crimping machine.
  • Modular design, program logic control.
  • Structured software design techniques.
  • Advanced data-exchange scheme feeders are not required.

One can control more than one machine, greatly improving the working efficiency of the enterprise. One person can operate multiple devices at the same time, which can greatly improve the benefit of the enterprise.

Technical Parameters

Model YE-180
Function the wire may be cut off with the determined size, and it also may be peeled off and crimped from the single/both ends, the crimping position
Workability crimping at both ends of 4200/h (within 300mm long)
Wire range Standard type: AWG #30-AWG#22  Thick type: AWG #22-AWG#14
Cutting length 32mm-9999mm
Cutting accuracy 0.2mm+(set length x 0.002mm)
Crimping capacity 18Kn(2 sets)
Detection 1. air pressure drop  2. with or without the wire  3. with or without the terminal  4. terminal is not crimped  5. the wire is overload
Control method PLC control
Compressed air 0.5-0.8Mpa(5-8kgf/cm2) (please use the clean and dry gas)
Power AC 220V   50/60HZ
Dimension 970*690*1320mm
Weight about 400kgs
Make the mold OTP straight、horizontal mold
Selected parts restore device

Manufactures Description

YE-180 Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine(Double-Crimping)

Equipped with reliable high precision technology, YE-180 automatic terminal crimping machine(Double-Crimping) features a compact modular design, which provides room for up to 6 processing stations without compromising the high-quality standards of the 6 series.

Various configuration possibilities allow you to handle cross sections from 0.2 to 0.5 mm²(30-22 AWG) for a variety of applications.

An optimal combination of proven state-of-the-art components leads to outstanding production rates.

  • Full servo control: It greatly reduces the number of cylinders, and improves the stability of the equipment.
  • Improved stripping structure: It makes the pressure extremely stable, as small as OD0.8, as large as 2.5, soft row line 20080, and Samsung halogen-free line can be pressed.
  • One machine multi-purpose: It can cut wire, play end row wire, and electronic wire.
  • One out of two: Corresponding to the number of PIN-less line, can one out of two, greatly improve production capacity.
  • Functional maturation: Support positive and negative pressure processing, interval pressure, and half stripping.
  • Data archiving function: You can archive cable data and replace all data with one click when replacing a cable.
  • Convenient debugging: Touch screen settings such as bifurcating length, cutting line length, peeling length, and peeling depth.
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