YE-158 Full-automatic Terminal Crimping & Twisting Machine (Single End)

Full Chinese characters/graphics displays, processed wire length, knife depth, and terminal position can be operated by the button.

The operation of the full-automatic terminal crimping & twisting machine is simple and flexible, and the cost of maintenance consumables is extremely low.

The crimping position is correct, the torsion degree is adjustable, and the twisted wire is straight and beautiful.

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Automatic Terminal pressing, drawing, dividing and twisting machine (single end multi-function).

Product features

● Full Chinese character graphics display, wire processing of each length size, knife depth, terminal position, are set by the key simple and flexible operation, low cost maintenance consumables.

● The position of pressing end is accurate, the tightness of twisting line can be adjusted, and the twisting line is straight and beautiful.

● This machine has powerful function, can produce flat sheath line cutting, peeling, pressing end, one complete.

Technical Parameters

Model YE-158
Function cutting the wire by the decided dimension,single and double-end peeling,single-end crimping,and twisting;automatically set the crimping position,peeling length and cutting depth and binding prompt.
Work ability (100mm Long) line is not twisted 4000 article hour,twist 3000 article hour
Suitable wire AWG  #32- AWG #18
Machining length (leaving the middle part of the skin) 25mm-9999mm
Stripping length 0.1mm-25mm(ideal range)
Twist length 3mm-20mm(ideal range)
Cut error amendable
Crimping capacity 1.8T
Detection device terminal existence and wire entrance detection
Assist device pre-feed device and waste paper rolling terminal device
Power AC220V (single-phase) 4A
Dimension 1060*600*1380mm
Weight 310kg
Make the mold OTP straight、horizontal mold

Manufactures Description

YE-158 Full-automatic Terminal Crimping & Twisting Machine (Single End)

The machine has a number of functions including wire size cutting, single and double end peeling, single end pressing, twisting;

It can automatically set the position of pressing end, peeling length, cutting depth and bundling prompt.

Cutting the wire by the decided dimension, single and double-end peeling, single-end crimping, and twisting; automatically set the crimping position, peeling length and cutting depth and binding prompt.

(100mm Long)Line is not twisted 4000 Article hour, twist 3000 article hour.

Suitable wire AWG#32~AWG#18.

YE-158 Full-automatic Terminal Crimping & Twisting Machine (Single End)

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