PVC Sleeve

PVC sleeve is a new product to replace metal protection springs. It is used to protect traditional rubber hoses.

PVC sleeve covers are generally made of nylon or polypropylene.

PVC sleeve corresponds to traditional metal protection spring products. It has good wear resistance, aging resistance, and corrosion resistance.

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PVC sleeve is the safety protection equipment that must be installed at the insulation wiring end of power supply equipment, such as transformer, lightning arrester, and outdoor switch.

The product can effectively prevent the original exposed power equipment end due to people, electricity, small animals or sundry contact and lap, wet flash salt fog and chemical gas corrosion caused by the power outage, so as to avoid the resulting huge economic loss.

Technical Parameters

Please provide us your PVC SLEEVE ID*OD*LENGTH and color inquiry.

We can provide customization.

Material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Color: Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Green, and so on

Working Temperature: Normal temperature, the highest temperature can reach 80℃

Functions: 1. Protection and insulation of terminal lug.

2. Distinguish the color.

Manufactures Description

pvc sleeve material

Compared with rubber pipe protection spring products and other sheath products, PVC sleeve has many advantages, such as excellent convenience, environmental protection, and energy saving.

The inner surface of the PVC sleeve is generally flat, and the outer surface is divided into planes or arcs.

PVC casing is mainly used for the protection of various engineering machinery and mining hydraulic equipment and wear-resistant wire and cable.

Because it can completely cover the product being protected, it provides wear resistance and UV protection on many bar objects.

PVC Sleeve terminal lug

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