LBD2-100/1140 Mine Flameproof Cable Connector

LBD2-100/1140 connector is mainly used in underground coal mine, and can be used with imported equipment CHP33/3.3KV switch box and domestic combined switch. 

In AC 1140V, 50Hz line, as the coupling device for the connection between the auxiliary outlet and cable of the combined switch.  

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LBD2-100/1140 Mining Explosion proof cable connector (hereinafter referred to as “connector”), design, manufacture is in accordance with the National standard GB 3836.1 2010 Explosive environment, part 1: General requirements (IEC 60079-0:2007, MOD), GB 3836.2 2010 part 2: flame-proof enclosures “d” protection devices (IEC 60079-1:2007, MOD), GB 3836.3 2010 explosive environment part 3: type “e” of adding safety protection device (IEC 60079-7,2006 IDT) and other relevant requirements .It has Explosion-proof Certificate of Conformity and Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products and Explosion-proof electrical products production license.

Technical Parameters

(1)Item No.

L  B  D  2  —  100  /  1140

1140: Rated voltage(V)

100:  Rated current(A)

2: Sequence number

D:  Low voltage

B: Explosion-proof type

L:  Connector

(2)Ex Type:Mining Explosion-proof;Ex-mark:Ex d I Mb

Usage conditions

(1)Altitude ≤2000m;

(2)Operating ambient temperature -5℃~+40℃;

(3)Surrounding air relative humidity≤95%±3%(25℃);

(4)In the coal mine with gas explosive mixture;

(5)Without significantly shaken and shock vibration place;

(6)Without damage insulating gas environment

(7)Without dropping water

(8)Pollution levels: level 3

(9)Install category: class II and class III

Manufactures Description

LBD2-100/1140 Mine Flameproof Cable Connector

LBD2-100/1140 Mine flameproof cable connector (picture 1) is composed of two main bodies: a plug head part (picture 2) and a socket part (picture 3). 

The socket part is installed on the machine or other equipment that needs 1140V voltage and 100A current.

After installing the plug head part and cable, it is inserted into the socket and fed to the equipment that needs it.  

Insert head: assembly diagram and disassembly of main parts (picture 4).

1, triangular positioning seat;  2. Precursors;  3, insulation;  4.5.6. Small socket;  7, insulation cover; 8, gasket;  

9. Inner cover;  10, pressing block;  11, upper pressure block;  12. Posterior body;  13, after the pressure sleeve;  14. Rubber sealing ring;  

15, after pressing sleeve pad;  16, pressure cap;  17. Large socket.  

Socket part: assembly drawing and disassembly of main parts (picture 5).

1, insulation gland;  2.3.4 Small plug;  5 insulator;  6, sealing ring;  

7, socket body;  8, sealing ring;  9. Big plugs.  

LBD2-100/1140 Mine Flameproof Cable Connector

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