High Speed Circular Saw Cutting Machine

High speed circular saw cutting machine can cut copper, brass, aluminum and all kinds of metal bar in bundle or in single.

Servo motor feeding, hydraulic clamping, oil mist lubrication cutting, one person can operate more than one machine.

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Fully automatic tube cutting machine adopts horizontal structure, including cooling system, oil pressure system, adjustment system, which is easy to operate and safe.

This machine has the characteristics of stable structure, good stiffness, light weight and high dynamic response. It is a high-performance automatic tube cutting machine.

Technical Parameters

project Technical parameters
The power supply voltage 380v
The external air pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
The workpiece length 700mm
Machining diameter  pipe tube ∅15-∅70
The motor power 7.5KW-4P
Machine size/weight 1950mm*1300mm*1700mm/3100kg

Manufactures Description

High Speed Circular Saw Cutting Machine


  • The main circuit of the machine is controlled by imported PLC computer, the operation is simple, sensitive, convenient maintenance.
  • Automatic feeding adopts servo motor, precision lead screw, linear bearing, and its cutting accuracy is ±03mm.
  • Counters can set the processing time, it will stop automatically after completion.
  • The counter can accumulate a day’s work.


When the processing size changes, just change the size in the text display to work, without manual positioning or hardware positioning.

And automatic tube cutting machine is suitable for cutting round tube, square tube, rectangular tube and many kinds of special-shaped pipe and bar.

High Speed Circular Saw Cutting Machine

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