Automatic CAT6 Keystone Jack Machine

The entire production line is highly automated and boasts a high product quality, saving on labor costs and increasing efficiency. It is also straightforward to operate, offers real-time tracking and alarms for abnormalities, and is easy to maintain.

The entire line is highly automated and produces high-quality products. It is labor-efficient and easy to operate. One person can control multiple machines, and it is equipped with a real-time tracking and alarm system for easy maintenance. Each part of the machine has a positioning system, which can send out alarms for fixed-point processing.

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A single machine can autonomously complete the assembly of product metal or plastic parts: Automatic feeding, automatic transmission, automatic assembly, automatic flow into other stations (If there is a minor problem with the machine next to it, the speed of the entire line will not be affected).

  • Every product can be tested 100% individually
  • Visual inspection – EV Smart Camera System
  • Each product has a unique code, which can be connected to the MOS system
  • The outer shell can be selected in a variety of ways with strong versatility if the inner core is the same
  • Laser lettering
  • No soldering

Technical Parameters

Name Keystone Jack
Model CAT6
Function position Automatic assembly
automatic packaging
automatic labeling
automatic assembly to the patch panel
Machine length 13 meters
Efficiency 20pieces/min
Warranty One-year
After sales Service lifetime maintenance, and remote assistance are all available

Manufactures Description


Intelligent Vision Inspection Solution Provider

  • The machine has high stability and performance. It also has a 100% success rate.
  • Machine testing functions include: Electrical test, CCD visual test, acrylic test, etc.
  • Machine configuration wiring diagram and wearing parts.
  • We take great care to precision-process our spare parts, with an accuracy of 0.05 for ordinary parts and 0.01 for high-precision parts.
  • We inspect all machine parts, test products for internal performance, and carry out destructive experiments.
  • Machines have coherence, continuity, coordination, and stability.
  • We have provided automation solutions for the following customers: Chaolian, Yizhou and TP-LINK.
  • Online 3D Laser Inspection System
  • New Visionet Series Intelligent Vision Processing System
  • EV Smart Camera System
  • Laser Displacement Sensor
  • Optical Fiber Amplifier
  • Mechanical Arm

Multi-machine collaborative operation to complete the final assembly of all metal parts or plastic parts of the product and semi-finished products: Automatic feeding, automatic assembly, automatic unloading, and other processes are all available.

Flexible material conveying methods. The vibrating plate and belt feeding are mainly selected flexibly according to the customer’s production capacity and product assembly process, ensuring the efficiency and quality of the product.

High-precision customized molds can meet product assembly and processing procedures, such as clamping, cutting, inserting, embedding, riveting, locking, sealing and other assembly operations and ensure processing accuracy.

The product testing function is integrated into the automatic assembly equipment, and the related product counting and packaging functions can also be integrated into the product unloading process, thereby strengthening the equipment function.

The product test function integrates automatic assembly equipment and includes the following test contents: electrical test, acrylic test, CCD visual test, etc.

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Why YQUNIQUE Automatic Custom Machine

1 Year Warranty

YQUNIQUE provides 1 year warranty period, during which our company will undertake all after-sale services and spare parts free of chargee


QUNIQUE provides each customer with a more valuable automated custom machine solution

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We owe it to each of our customers, YQUNIQUE uses parts from world famous brands to improve the working performance of our machines..

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