Cable Tie Water Inject Vacuum Sealing Packing Machine

We provide a nylon ribbon packing machine. A packing machine is a kind of vacuum packing machine that injects water into the package and then seals the package.

The vacuum packing water injection and sealing packing machine for cable ties.

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Cable tie water inject vacuum sealing packing machine vacuums the packing bag by mechanical principle, and adjusts the rated time of vacuuming.

Technical Parameters

Type Sealing machine
Power 500 W
Condition new
Packaging material plastic
Driven type electric
Voltage 220V
Automatic grade automatic
Application commodity
Packaging type water inject and sealing
Weight 150
Dimension(L*W*H) 700*580*910

Manufactures Description

Cable Tie Water Inject Vacuum Sealing Packing Machine
  • For the bags, special vacuum bags need to be used, bags are not allowed to have vents and damage.
  • The purpose of a vacuum seal is to extend the shelf life and storage life of the product and keep the product soft and wet.
  • The packing machine has many advantages, such as, saving labor time, reducing processing steps, and reducing freight costs for the factory.


Operational Procedure for machine:

  • Vacuum-pumping
  • Injection Water
  • Heating Seal
  • Cooling
Cable Tie Water Inject Vacuum Sealing Packing Machine

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