Butt Connector

Butt splices are crimp-style connectors used to securely connect one or more wires to another wire.

It depends on what type of butt splice you use and the task at hand. For example, A step-down butt splice means connecting a higher gauge wire to a low gauge wire. They can also be used to connect two or more small gauge wires to a single wire.

Their ease of use and economical price makes them very common in power systems. We will discuss the various types of butt splices further down the page.

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The advantage of the butt splices is that it allows you to connect two or more wires together in a way, which can provide all kinds of protections for the connection point.

They are naturally durable, which means that they protect the connection point from impact and abrasion.

If we are talking epoxy lined heat shrink butt splice, then you can add moisture, chemicals, and stress protection to this list.

As you can see, these connectors have many advantages, which explains why they are such a common connector type.

Technical Parameters

ITEM NO. Conductor cross-section dimension(mm)
A.W.G mm2 L
BN 1.25 22-16 0.5-1.5 3.3 1.7 15.0
BN 2 16-14 1.5-2.5 4.0 2.3 15.0
BN 3.5 14-12 2.5-4 5.0 3.0 15.0
BN 5.5 12-10 4-6 5.5 3.4 15.0
BN 8 #8 10 7.1 4.5 21.0
BN 14 #6 16 9.0 5.8 26.0
BN 22 #4 25 11.4 7.7 29.0
BN 38 #2 35 13.3 9.4 32.0
BN 60 1/0 50 15.4 11.4 36.0
BN 70 2/0 70 17.5 13.3 37.0
BN 80 3/0 95 19.4 14.5 38.0
BN 100 4/0 120 22.0 16.4 38.0
BN 150 250-300 MCM 150 26.5 19.5 54.0
BN 180 300-350 MCM 185 28.5 21.0 57.0
BN 200 400 MCM 240 32.5 24.0 63.0
BN 325 500-600 MCM 300 37.0 28.0 72.0

Manufactures Description

butt connector

When choosing butt splices, pay special attention to whether they are lined with epoxy resin.

A butt splice is a combination of wires to complete an electrical circuit. Although they are ideal for new wire and cable installations, butt splices can be just as useful when replacing old parts or performing maintenance.

How do you know if your existing butt splices need to be replaced? Did your butt splices fade? Did your butt splices crack? If so, then maybe it’s time to replace these splices with new ones.

Butt splices have a range of insulation types, so you can find the exact style you need.

Suitable for use with marine wire, Yqunique provides non-insulated butt splices, nylon butt splices, vinyl butt splices, and heat shrink butt splices.

It is important to note that when dealing with marine applications, you should only use marine-grade butt splices.

Without ocean-grade butt splices, your electrical connections are vulnerable to harsh ocean conditions.

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