Automatic Tube Terminal Asseble Machines

Automatic tubular terminal assembly machine is a machine that can customize assembly wire ferrules, including bare ferrules, insulated ferrules, double ferrules.

Change the economy, speed and flexibility of your manufacturing.

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An electric wire ferrule (sometimes an electrical end terminal) is a metal tube, which is crimped over stranded wire to secure the strands within a screw terminal.

Electrical insulation may be included to protect any exposed portion of the wire, which is not entirely within the screw terminal post.

Automatic tubular terminal assembly machine produces efficient, stable and automatic wire ferrules.

Technical Parameters

project Technical parameters
models YE-E03 YE-E05 YE-E75 YE-E10 YE-E15 YE-E25 YE-40 YE-60 YE-100 YE-160 YE-250 YE-350
The power supply voltage 220v 50Hz
The external air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Processing speed Production of 150-180 per minute Production of 120-150 per minute
The motor power 400W
Processing range #24AWG #22 AWG #20 AWG #18 AWG #16 AWG #14 AWG #12 AWG #10 AWG #7 AWG #518 AWG #4 AWG #2 AWG
Machine size/weight 1200mm*700mm*1600mm/350kg

Manufactures Description

Automatic Tube Terminal Asseble Machines

Equipped with PLC computer control, automatic tubular terminal assembly machine, explore a better approach to automate wire ferrules assembly.

The automatic tubular terminal assembly machine refers to the mechanical equipment that combines PVC sleeves and copper tubes of the product through tight fitting via vibrating disk.

  • Full computer controlled. PLC organize from feeding to assembling is organized by PLC. This machine adopts servo motor, running smoothly.
  • Sensors are available to monitor the feeding and assembly process, if there is any problem, it will stop automatically to protect the raw materials and machinery.
  • One person can operate multiple machines at the same time.


Broadly speaking, wire ferrules are any ring used to strengthen a shaft or bind bundles of material together.

In wiring, a wire ferrule is a small deformable metal tube, usually made out of tin plated copper.

By capturing and fixing the strands together, you can reduce the potential for conductor damage to the screw terminals.

Ferrules also ensure all the fine strands of copper make it into the connector. By using a defined pin length, you can prepare the conductor to the same length as the connector of your choice.

wire ferrule assemble machine

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