Automatic Terminal Lugs Assemble Machines

What is a terminal lug? Terminal Lugs are designed to connect to terminals.

They can usually be easily mounted to any post, stud or chassis, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find the right fit for your electrical application.

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Automatic terminal lug assembly machine is a kind of custom assembly terminal lug machine, including insulated ring terminal lug, insulated spade terminal lug, insulated pin terminal lug, insulated blade terminal lug and so on.

Change the economy, speed and flexibility of your manufacturing.

Technical Parameters

project Technical parameters
models YE-1B YE-2B YE-4B
The power supply voltage 220v 50Hz
The external air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Processing speed Production of 80-120 per minute
The motor power 400W
Processing range 22-16 AWG 16-14 AWG 12-10 AWG
Machine size/weight 1200mm*700mm*1600mm/350kg

Manufactures Description

automatic terminal lug assemble machine

Equipped with PLC computer control, automatic terminal lug assembly machine, explore a better automatic terminal lug assembly method.

During operation, when something happens, the machine will flash a red light to alarm.

The automatic terminal lug assembly machine refers to the mechanical equipment, which combines PVC sleeve and bare terminal lug of the product through tight fitting via vibrating disk.

  • Full computer controlled. PLC organize From feeding to assembling is organized by PLC. This machine adopts servo motor, running smoothly.
  • Sensors are available to monitor the feeding and assembly process, if there is any problem, it will stop automatically to protect the raw materials and machinery.
  • One person can operate multiple machines at the same time.

Terminal lug, a device attached to a conductor to allow connection to a terminal.

It provides attachment of wires or similar electrical conductors in order to establish an electrical connection, and you may need to use tools to connect the wires.

Automatic terminal lug assembly machine can make the production of terminal lug efficient, stable and automatic.

Automatic Terminal Lugs Assemble Machines

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