Automatic Single Grain Ferrules Crimping Machine Wire Stripping And Tubular Pre-insulated Terminal Crimping Machine

Automatic single grain ferrules crimping machine – made for crimping, omnidirectional crimping, no backfilament.

Wire stripping and tubular pre-insulated terminal crimping machine.

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Note: In the case of the same terminal specifications but different plastic shells, the fixture should be adjusted according to the plastic shell of the client terminal.


High capacity: spinning peeling, twisting, piercing and crimping in 2.5 seconds (1000-1300pcs/ hour).

Technical Parameters

Crimp range: 0.3 square to 4 square. The maximum crimping length is 12mm.


Never backfilament: there is no backfilament phenomenon in crimped products.


Crimping shape: quadrilateral (square)/hexagon (circle)


Peeling length: The shortest peeling range of sheath line is 40mm.


Crimp range: 0.5 square to 4 square. Maximum crimping length 12mm.

Manufactures Description

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Application: complete sets of distribution cabinet secondary wire, signal harness, operating mechanism, switch distribution, home appliance harness, new energy harness, industrial control automation, automotive harness processing, LED harness, etc…

device layout

control mode: Touch screen with programmable controller, Ming Zhi driver

Drive mode: motor/imported ball screw

Rotary cutting blade: 2 pieces, material: imported tungsten steel

Clamping device: motor driven, clamping force program control

Crimping device: motor drive, crimping strength program control

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