Automatic Busbar Terminal Block Machine

Automatic busbar terminal block machine – this production line is used for brass/copper bus bar terminal machine, terminal block, terminal bar automatic machine.

Cutting, chamfering, drilling, tapping and marking can be done on the same line.

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Automatic bus bar terminal block machine – this machine can realize multiple customization, one machine can simultaneously cut, chamfer, punch, tap, dot and print. A rate of 8000-10000 pieces / 8 hours is the processing speed.

  • The machine is equipped with multi-function station, which can realize cutting, chamfering, drilling, tapping and printing.
  • Friendly operation instructions, one operator can run multiple manufacturer machine.
  • When running out of terminal block, terminal bar, machine manufacturer automatically stop.

Technical Parameters

1,Sidetracking large hole mechanism 2 SETS
Maximum borehole diameter of side hole(mm) 10
Push stroke of side hole cylinder(mm) 20
Spindle speed of side hole 8160,4800,2800,1640 (r/min)
Taper of the main shaft of side hole B16
Side hole motor power(three phase) 750W, 440V, 50Hz,2800r/min
2,Non shift vertical drilling mechanism 2 sets
Maximum hole diameter of vertical hole(mm) 5.5
The longest stroke of the vertical hole position cylinder(mm) 20
Spindle speed of vertical hole(r/min) 5600
Vertical hole spindle collet ER16
Motor power of vertical hole(three phase) 370W, 440V, 50Hz, 2800r/min
3,Non shift tapping mechanism 2 sets
Maximum wire attack diameter of wire tapping machine M6
Motor power of wire tapping machine(three phase) 250W, 440V, 50Hz, 1400r/min
Spindle speed of wire tapping machine(r/min) 1400
Tapping machine spindle collet station ER16
4,Chamfering mechanism 2 sets
Maximum stroke of chamfering cylinder(mm) 20
Maximum cutter diameter of chamfering position(mm) 6
Rotating speed of chamfered main shaft(r/min) 1400
Chamfering motor power(three phase)×2 250W, 440V, 50Hz, 1400r/min
5,Cutting mechanism 1 set
Spindle speed of cutting machine(r/min) 3800
Maximum stroke of cutting position cylinder(mm) 50
Cutting motor power(three phase) 0.75kw, 440V, 50Hz, 2800r/min
6,Distribution control box 1SET
Programmable controller(PLC) 1SET JANPAN KEYENCE
Servo drive and motor 1SET 400W Chinese xinje
Switching Mode Power Supply 1SET 150W, TAIWAN  MW
7,The size and weight of the equipment 1SET
Length * width * height(mm) 3100*1150*1800
WEIGHT(kg) 650

Manufactures Description

The device is mainly composed of the following components:

Servo motor, work table, distribution box, ball screw and slideway, side hole work station, vertical drilling station, thread attack screw position, chamfering station, cutting station. Stepped back to the origin of the cylinder, feeding into the cylinder, feeding auxiliary clamping cylinder, lateral drilling auxiliary pressing cylinder, vertical drilling thrust cylinder, chamfer cutting machine, cylinder propulsion,propulsion cylinder, side drilled holes into the cylinder, point positioning cylinder.

Automatic bus bar terminal block machine – this machine can be customized terminal block and neutral link.

This machine can also be customized 4-way, 8-way and 12-way brass/copper neutral joints with tin-plated and nickel-plated.

We can also manufacture machines as per customer’s requirements and specifications.

We provide machine customization, making for terminal block and neutral bar for all kinds of panel boards, switch gears and electrical switch boards.

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