YE-Q4 Automatic Metal Sawing Cutting Machine


The YE-Q4 automatic metal sawing cutting machine can cut all kinds of stainless steel and copper, aluminum and other metal materials, especially for various pipes.

Small pieces can be cut in bundles, and multiple pieces can be cut at one time.

The operation such as rapid clamping of the workpiece, speed cutting of the feed knife, cutting of the cutter, and release of the clamp can be automatically controlled in sequence, and the automatic cutting operation is realized by the touch screen control. The saw blade is cut with a tungsten steel circular saw blade, and the cutting material has a smooth and burr-free section.

The machine has the characteristics of simple operation, low noise, no pollution, good sawing quality, basic burr inside and outside the slit, and high production efficiency.

Technical Parameters

model YE-Q4
Sawing ability      ●    ■      ○      ┍   □       □
Sawing ability φ70mm 50×50mm φ120mm 115×115mm 110×110mm 110×50mm
Feed length (optional) Servo feeding 5mm-6m, no manual positioning required
Feed length (optional) Cylinder feeding, single 650mm, double 300mm, 1950mm
Saw blade HSSφ250mm-φ400MM (10 “-16”) standard φ350mm
Spindle revolution 29/58rpm   60/120rpm
Main motor 2p/4p 2.2kw/3.7kw bipolar two speed
Clamp type unilateral
Vise maximum clamping 150mm
Work pressure 10-35KG/CM
Standard configuration Cooling system, hydraulic system, adjustment tool
size 2200mm×1400×2200
total weight 1450KG

Manufactures Description

1. This machine adopts multiple sets of gear structure.

Heavy-duty cutting, synchronous belt pulley converts high and low speed according to different materials.


2. The head spindle is equipped with a hydraulic brake to control the saw blade to work in a sharp state to prevent damage and boring at the saw.

It can cut all kinds of stainless steel and copper, aluminum and other metal materials, especially for various pipes.

Small pieces can be cut in bundles, and multiple pieces can be cut at one time.

Automatic Single Grain Ferrules Crimping Machine Wire Stripping And Tubular Pre-insulated Terminal Crimping Machine


Note: In the case of the same terminal specifications but different plastic shells, the fixture should be adjusted according to the plastic shell of the client terminal.


High capacity: spinning peeling, twisting, piercing and crimping in 2.5 seconds (1000-1300pcs/ hour).

Technical Parameters

Crimp range: 0.3 square to 4 square. The maximum crimping length is 12mm.


Never backfilament: there is no backfilament phenomenon in crimped products.


Crimping shape: quadrilateral (square)/hexagon (circle)


Peeling length: The shortest peeling range of sheath line is 40mm.


Crimp range: 0.5 square to 4 square. Maximum crimping length 12mm.

Manufactures Description

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Application: complete sets of distribution cabinet secondary wire, signal harness, operating mechanism, switch distribution, home appliance harness, new energy harness, industrial control automation, automotive harness processing, LED harness, etc…

device layout

control mode: Touch screen with programmable controller, Ming Zhi driver

Drive mode: motor/imported ball screw

Rotary cutting blade: 2 pieces, material: imported tungsten steel

Clamping device: motor driven, clamping force program control

Crimping device: motor drive, crimping strength program control

Automatic CAT6 Keystone Jack Machine


A single machine can autonomously complete the assembly of product metal or plastic parts: Automatic feeding, automatic transmission, automatic assembly, automatic flow into other stations (If there is a minor problem with the machine next to it, the speed of the entire line will not be affected).

  • Every product can be tested 100% individually
  • Visual inspection – EV Smart Camera System
  • Each product has a unique code, which can be connected to the MOS system
  • The outer shell can be selected in a variety of ways with strong versatility if the inner core is the same
  • Laser lettering
  • No soldering

Technical Parameters

Name Keystone Jack
Model CAT6
Function position Automatic assembly
automatic packaging
automatic labeling
automatic assembly to the patch panel
Machine length 13 meters
Efficiency 20pieces/min
Warranty One-year
After sales Service lifetime maintenance, and remote assistance are all available

Manufactures Description


Intelligent Vision Inspection Solution Provider

  • The machine has high stability and performance. It also has a 100% success rate.
  • Machine testing functions include: Electrical test, CCD visual test, acrylic test, etc.
  • Machine configuration wiring diagram and wearing parts.
  • We take great care to precision-process our spare parts, with an accuracy of 0.05 for ordinary parts and 0.01 for high-precision parts.
  • We inspect all machine parts, test products for internal performance, and carry out destructive experiments.
  • Machines have coherence, continuity, coordination, and stability.
  • We have provided automation solutions for the following customers: Chaolian, Yizhou and TP-LINK.
  • Online 3D Laser Inspection System
  • New Visionet Series Intelligent Vision Processing System
  • EV Smart Camera System
  • Laser Displacement Sensor
  • Optical Fiber Amplifier
  • Mechanical Arm

Multi-machine collaborative operation to complete the final assembly of all metal parts or plastic parts of the product and semi-finished products: Automatic feeding, automatic assembly, automatic unloading, and other processes are all available.

Flexible material conveying methods. The vibrating plate and belt feeding are mainly selected flexibly according to the customer’s production capacity and product assembly process, ensuring the efficiency and quality of the product.

High-precision customized molds can meet product assembly and processing procedures, such as clamping, cutting, inserting, embedding, riveting, locking, sealing and other assembly operations and ensure processing accuracy.

The product testing function is integrated into the automatic assembly equipment, and the related product counting and packaging functions can also be integrated into the product unloading process, thereby strengthening the equipment function.

The product test function integrates automatic assembly equipment and includes the following test contents: electrical test, acrylic test, CCD visual test, etc.

busbar terminal

Copper Brazing Alloys


The main materials of Phosphorus-Copper brazing alloy are copper and phosphorus, it has the characteristics of easy flow, low cost, and good welding effect.

Don’t need to use flux when brazing copper and silver objects, the joints have good strength.

Technical Parameters

Chemical Compositions(%) Melt Temperature ℃ Advantages and usage
Cu P Sn The other Melting Point Recommend Welding Temperature
Margin 6.3-6.8 / / 710-790 730-840 Low cost, low melting point, good fluidity, suitable for brazing motor manufacturing and electrical appliances, copper and copper alloy in air conditioning pipe fittings.
Norms sqmm Shape Element Alloy Components Operating Temperature Length (mm) Thickness (mm)
0.1-5.0 Stick Cu P Ag-Cu 760 ℃ Depend on your requirement

Manufactures Description


Copper-phosphorus brazing alloys are used to connect copper to copper in HVAC/R applications, as well as in industries that use electrical conductors.

Copper, silver brazing without flux, which is suitable for air conditioning, refrigerator, evaporator, heat exchanger, water heaters, and other copper alloy brazing.

Brazing, or braze welding, is a metal-joining process. During this process, a filler metal is heated above the melting point, then distributed by capillary action between two or more close-fitting parts. It can braze a joint or fill a hole.

Brazing wire is a common brazing filler metal.

braze terminal

Cable Tie Water Inject Vacuum Sealing Packing Machine


Cable tie water inject vacuum sealing packing machine vacuums the packing bag by mechanical principle, and adjusts the rated time of vacuuming.

Technical Parameters

Type Sealing machine
Power 500 W
Condition new
Packaging material plastic
Driven type electric
Voltage 220V
Automatic grade automatic
Application commodity
Packaging type water inject and sealing
Weight 150
Dimension(L*W*H) 700*580*910

Manufactures Description

Cable Tie Water Inject Vacuum Sealing Packing Machine
  • For the bags, special vacuum bags need to be used, bags are not allowed to have vents and damage.
  • The purpose of a vacuum seal is to extend the shelf life and storage life of the product and keep the product soft and wet.
  • The packing machine has many advantages, such as, saving labor time, reducing processing steps, and reducing freight costs for the factory.


Operational Procedure for machine:

  • Vacuum-pumping
  • Injection Water
  • Heating Seal
  • Cooling
Cable Tie Water Inject Vacuum Sealing Packing Machine

YE-1802 Automatic Wire Crimping and Insert Sleeve Machine(Double-Crimping)


Equipped with computer control, the automatic wire crimping sleeve machine is designed with an ultra high definition vision system, which can realize real-time image display of products, screening, and warning of defective products.

A variety of configuration possibilities allow processing of various applications using AWG#30–AWG#18 wire sizes.

  • The machine can choose 8 colors of line, cutting line length 100-1000mm, special length can also be customized.
  • A high precision ball screw with a servo motor controls the tangent precision, the precision is up to 0.01mm.
  • The whole process of terminal crimping pressure monitoring, poor crimping alarm, automatic selection, terminal crimping shape CCD detection, defective products automatic discharge.
  • Monitor the plugging force of the rubber shell, the plugging force can be set according to the size of the wire, and the defective products will be discharged automatically.
  • The rubber shell mechanism can be a modular replacement. The rubber shell with the same PIN distance value can be produced only by adjusting two adjusting blocks, and the rubber shell with a different PIN distance value can be produced by replacing the whole rubber shell mechanism, which is simple to replace and improves efficiency.
  • Using the computer interface, the terminal is fully automatic drawing force detection and can issue the terminal drawing force curve analysis report. Equipped with an ultra-high-definition vision system, it can realize real-time image display, comparison, and analysis of products. When the crimping is not good, it will send an alarm and automatically screen out the defective products. This design greatly saves labor costs, guarantees product quality, and improves production efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Model: YE-1802 Automatic Wire Crimping and Insert Sleeve Machine(Double-Crimping)
Power: AC 220V  50/60 Hz single-phase
Detection: stripping visual inspection, terminal visual inspection, terminal pressure detection, assembly stripping tension detection
Applicable wire: AWG#30 – AWG#18
Processing length: 100-1000mm
Stripping length: Front end 1.0-7mm, back end 1.0-8.5mm
Crimping force: 10KN ( 1000kg )
Applicable glue casing size: Below W58 * D20 * H15
Stripping style: Positive and negative screw
Production Capacity: L=100mm, 1800-2200 pcs/h
Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7MPA
Size: L2145 * W1530 * H1370(mm)
Weight: 900KG

Manufactures Description

YE-1802 Automatic Wire Crimping and Insert Sleeve Machine(Double-Crimping)

The YE-1802 automatic wire crimping and insert sleeve machine(Double-Crimping) is a fully automatic crimping sleeve machine with computer monitoring.

With a monitoring function, it can automatically screen defective products.

This design greatly saves labor costs, guarantees product quality, and improves production efficiency.


Various configuration possibilities allow you to handle a variety of applications, such as cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing, twisting, tinning, and inserting sleeves.

  • Cutting: Cutting line length ranges from 100mm to 1000mm, and wire sizes are from AWG#30 to AWG#18.
  • Stripping: Front end is 1.0-7mm, the back end is 1.0-8.5mm.
  • Insert Sleeve.: Applicable glue casing sizes below W58 * D20 * H15.
  • Crimping: Available crimping force for 10KN ( 1000 kgs ).
YE-1802 Automatic Wire Crimping and Insert Sleeve Machine(Double-Crimping)

YE-02 Automatic Wire Crimping Machine(Double-Crimping)


Equipped with full servo control, the YE-02 automatic wire crimping machine(Double-Crimping) features positive and negative pressure processing, interval pressure, and half stripping functions.

Various configuration possibilities allow for a variety of applications with OD ranging from 0.8 to 2.5 mm.

Technical Parameters

Model: YE-02 Automatic Electronic Wire Laying Crimping Machine(Double-Crimping)
Power: AC 220V  50/60 Hz single-phase
Cutting line length: 60mm – 1000mm (Lengthening can be customized)
Stripping length: 0.5mm – 8mm
Fork length: A minimum of 25 mm
Wire type: 2468 wire, 1007,20080, halogen free wire
The biggest line width: 26mm
Maximum number of pins in a row: 20P
Wire diameter OD: 0.8mm – 2.5mm
Capacity: 18000 pcs terminal lug/H(12P)
working pressure: 4 – 6kgf(Clean, dry air)
working voltage: 220V 50Hz
rated power: 2800W
Weight: About 620KG

Manufactures Description

YE-02 Automatic Wire Crimping Machine(Double-Crimping)

An optimal combination of proven state-of-the-art components leads to outstanding production rates.

  • Full servo control: It can greatly reduce the number of cylinders, and improve the stability of the equipment.
  • Improved stripping structure: Make the pressure extremely stable, as small as OD0.8, as large as 2.5, soft row line 20080, Samsung halogen-free line can be pressed out.
  • One machine has multi-purposes: It can cut wire, play end row wire, and electronic wire.
  • One out of two: Corresponding to the number of PIN-less lines, can one out of two, greatly improve production capacity.
  • Functional maturation: Support positive and negative pressure processing, interval pressure, and half stripping.
  • Data archiving function: You can archive cable data and replace all data with one click when replacing a cable.
  • Convenient debugging: The length of the bifurcation, the length of the cutting line, the length, and the depth of the peeling can be set using the touch screen.

The YE-02 automatic wire crimping machine(Double-Crimping) is a fully automatic crimping machine with a touch operation panel.

With the data archiving function, the related data of the cable can be archived. When replacing cables, all data can be replaced with one click, which further reduces the setting time.

Various configuration possibilities allow you to handle a variety of applications, such as cutting, stripping, bifurcating, and crimping.

  • Cutting line: Cutting line length ranges from 60mm to 1000mm, lengthening can be customized.
  • Stripping: The stripping length ranges from 0.5mm to 8mm.
  • Bifurcating: The shortest length of bifurcation is 25mm.
  • Crimping: Available crimping wire types are 2468 wire, 1007, 20080, and halogen-free wire.
YE-02 Automatic Wire Crimping Machine(Double-Crimping)

Terminal Lug Stamping Die


Stamping is a cold-forming operation, which means that no heat is introduced into the die or the sheet material intentionally.

Terminal lug stamping die – It is a stamping die for cutting and forming the terminal ear. The terminal lugs include rings, spades, pins, blades, and female-male disconnects.

Technical Parameters

Application custom terminal lug stamping die
Die life 200 Million
Blade life > 2 Million
Stamping speed 300 strokes/ min
Die structure Two-plate, four guide pillar
Die base material SKD11
Plate material Cr12

Manufactures Description

Terminal Lug Stamping Die

However, due to the heat generated by friction during cutting and forming, stamping parts often exit the die very hot.

  • Progressive, single hit, short-run, compound dies, and more.
  • Stamping operations include blanking, bending, forming, coining, lancing, extruding, etc.
  • Tool Steel and Carbide Dies.
  • All dies are specially tailored to your project.

We customize stamping die according to the customer’s requirement.

Terminal lug stamping die is one of the types of stamping die we accept custom.

  • Aluminum Stamping
  • Automotive Stamping
  • Fourslide Stamping
  • Metal Stamping
  • Progressive Die Stamping
  • Long Run, High-Speed Stamping
  • Stainless Steel Stamping


Terminal Lug Stamping Die

Nylon Cable Tie Injection Molding


Nylon cable tie injection molding – For the injection machines, we recommend using the high-speed machine. The cavity and core should be at least 50 mm larger to increase die life. We will calculate the number of cavities according to your machine, and we will test the machine to check the tensile strength standard after the mold trial.

  • A high-quality linear motion guide ensures the smoothness & accuracy of the injection process.
  • High speed & pressure injection structure can improve the injection speed.
  • The twin nozzle cylinder ensures a more even & stable structure.
  • Special screw barrel design of various equipment.

Technical Parameters

size Length mm Width mm Thickness mm Cavity  pcs Dimensions mm*mm*mm N.weight kgs Inject machine
3*60 60 2.4 0.9 136 520*250*250 255 150T
3*80 80 2.4 1 120 470*290*250 270 150T
3*100 100 2.4 1 120 470*330*260 315 150T
3*120 120 2.4 1.05 100 410*370*260 310 150T
3*150 150 2.4 1.1 80 430*350*260 310 150T
3*200 200 2.4 1.15 68 520*320*270 350 150T
4*150 150 3.6 1.1 68 430*380*270 345 280T
4*200 200 3.6 1.25 52 520*320*270 350 280T
4*250 250 3.6 1.3 40 620*270*270 355 280T
4*280 280 3.6 1.3 32 680*270*270 345 280T
4*300 300 3.6 1.3 28 720*210*270 320 280T
4*370 370 3.6 1.35 24 790*190*270 320 280T
5*180 180 4.6 1.2 52 490*340*270 353 280T
5*200 200 4.6 1.25 48 520*320*270 352 280T
5*250 250 4.6 1.3 32 620*250*270 330 280T
5*280 280 4.6 1.3 28 680*230*270 332 280T
5*300 300 4.6 1.35 28 720*230*270 350 280T
5*350 350 4.6 1.35 24 750*210*270 333 280T
5*380 380 4.6 1.4 24 810*210*270 360 280T
5*400 400 4.6 1.4 20 850*190*270 342 280T
5*450 450 4.6 1.45 16 650*250*270 345 280T
5*500 500 4.6 1.45 14 720*240*270 366 280T
8*200 200 7.2 1.25 32 450*330*270 314 280T
8*250 250 7.2 1.3 28 550*300*270 350 280T
8*300 300 7.2 1.3 24 650*270*270 372 280T
8*350 350 7.2 1.35 20 750*220*270 350 280T
8*380 380 7.2 1.4 16 810*190*270 326 280T
8*400 400 7.2 1.45 16 850*190*270 342 280T
8*450 450 7.2 1.45 12 650*290*270 400 280T
8*500 500 7.2 1.5 12 720*290*270 442 280T
8*550 550 7.2 1.5 10 810*260*270 446 280T

Manufactures Description

Nylon Cable Tie Injection Molding

The quality of cable tie molds is as follows.

Cycle time: About 10 to 12 seconds per shot. Recommend using the high-speed machine,

some customers can adjust to high-speed machines in 8 seconds.

Machine: Recommend using the high-speed machine.

Machine Screw: Nylon screws for cable ties machine.

Mould Steel Thickness: Cavity and core at least 50mm to increase the mold life.

Cavity Number: We will calculate the cavity number according to your machine.

Tensile strength: We have a test machine to check the tensile strength standard after the mold trial.


What are cable ties used for?

They’re fasteners that bundle your cables and wires together, which can keep them organized and prevent damage.

They come in different sizes, lengths, materials and even colors.

Nylon cable tie injection molding can make the production of nylon ribbon efficient and stable.

Nylon Cable Tie Injection Molding

Automatic Busbar Terminal Block Machine


Automatic bus bar terminal block machine – this machine can realize multiple customization, one machine can simultaneously cut, chamfer, punch, tap, dot and print. A rate of 8000-10000 pieces / 8 hours is the processing speed.

  • The machine is equipped with multi-function station, which can realize cutting, chamfering, drilling, tapping and printing.
  • Friendly operation instructions, one operator can run multiple manufacturer machine.
  • When running out of terminal block, terminal bar, machine manufacturer automatically stop.

Technical Parameters

1,Sidetracking large hole mechanism 2 SETS
Maximum borehole diameter of side hole(mm) 10
Push stroke of side hole cylinder(mm) 20
Spindle speed of side hole 8160,4800,2800,1640 (r/min)
Taper of the main shaft of side hole B16
Side hole motor power(three phase) 750W, 440V, 50Hz,2800r/min
2,Non shift vertical drilling mechanism 2 sets
Maximum hole diameter of vertical hole(mm) 5.5
The longest stroke of the vertical hole position cylinder(mm) 20
Spindle speed of vertical hole(r/min) 5600
Vertical hole spindle collet ER16
Motor power of vertical hole(three phase) 370W, 440V, 50Hz, 2800r/min
3,Non shift tapping mechanism 2 sets
Maximum wire attack diameter of wire tapping machine M6
Motor power of wire tapping machine(three phase) 250W, 440V, 50Hz, 1400r/min
Spindle speed of wire tapping machine(r/min) 1400
Tapping machine spindle collet station ER16
4,Chamfering mechanism 2 sets
Maximum stroke of chamfering cylinder(mm) 20
Maximum cutter diameter of chamfering position(mm) 6
Rotating speed of chamfered main shaft(r/min) 1400
Chamfering motor power(three phase)×2 250W, 440V, 50Hz, 1400r/min
5,Cutting mechanism 1 set
Spindle speed of cutting machine(r/min) 3800
Maximum stroke of cutting position cylinder(mm) 50
Cutting motor power(three phase) 0.75kw, 440V, 50Hz, 2800r/min
6,Distribution control box 1SET
Programmable controller(PLC) 1SET JANPAN KEYENCE
Servo drive and motor 1SET 400W Chinese xinje
Switching Mode Power Supply 1SET 150W, TAIWAN  MW
7,The size and weight of the equipment 1SET
Length * width * height(mm) 3100*1150*1800
WEIGHT(kg) 650

Manufactures Description

The device is mainly composed of the following components:

Servo motor, work table, distribution box, ball screw and slideway, side hole work station, vertical drilling station, thread attack screw position, chamfering station, cutting station. Stepped back to the origin of the cylinder, feeding into the cylinder, feeding auxiliary clamping cylinder, lateral drilling auxiliary pressing cylinder, vertical drilling thrust cylinder, chamfer cutting machine, cylinder propulsion,propulsion cylinder, side drilled holes into the cylinder, point positioning cylinder.

Automatic bus bar terminal block machine – this machine can be customized terminal block and neutral link.

This machine can also be customized 4-way, 8-way and 12-way brass/copper neutral joints with tin-plated and nickel-plated.

We can also manufacture machines as per customer’s requirements and specifications.

We provide machine customization, making for terminal block and neutral bar for all kinds of panel boards, switch gears and electrical switch boards.

Automatic Close End Terminal Assemble Machines


Our automatic closed end terminal assembly machine has change the economy, speed and flexibility of your manufacturing of closed end terminals.

Ease of operation of automated equipment is an important factor to consider, including control.

Technical Parameters

project Technical parameters
models YE-03 YE-04 YE-05 YE-06 YE-08
The power supply voltage 220v 50Hz
The external air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Processing speed Production of 145-171 per minute Production of 120-150 per minute Production of 100-120 per minute
The motor power 400W
Processing range 3mm2 4mm2 5mm2 6mm2 8mm2
Machine size/weight 1200mm*700mm*1600mm/250kg

Manufactures Description


Equipped with PLC computer control, automatic closed end terminal assembly machine, found a better way of closed terminal assembly automation.

If problems occur during assembly operations, sensors will control the machine to automatically protect equipment and raw materials.

  • Full PLC computer control operation, stable operation.
  • During assembly operation, sensors control automatic shutdown to protect raw materials and mechanical equipment in case of problems.
  • One person can operate multiple machines at the same time.

Enclosed connector is a kind of voltage socket connector with copper plug, which can realize fast splicing of copper conductor. The vinyl-insulated connector is rated 600 V for building wiring and 1000 V for signs, fixtures or luminaires.

Automatic closed end terminal assembly machine can make the production of closed terminal high efficiency, stability and automation.


Automatic Terminal Lugs Assemble Machines


Automatic terminal lug assembly machine is a kind of custom assembly terminal lug machine, including insulated ring terminal lug, insulated spade terminal lug, insulated pin terminal lug, insulated blade terminal lug and so on.

Change the economy, speed and flexibility of your manufacturing.

Technical Parameters

project Technical parameters
models YE-1B YE-2B YE-4B
The power supply voltage 220v 50Hz
The external air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Processing speed Production of 80-120 per minute
The motor power 400W
Processing range 22-16 AWG 16-14 AWG 12-10 AWG
Machine size/weight 1200mm*700mm*1600mm/350kg

Manufactures Description

automatic terminal lug assemble machine

Equipped with PLC computer control, automatic terminal lug assembly machine, explore a better automatic terminal lug assembly method.

During operation, when something happens, the machine will flash a red light to alarm.

The automatic terminal lug assembly machine refers to the mechanical equipment, which combines PVC sleeve and bare terminal lug of the product through tight fitting via vibrating disk.

  • Full computer controlled. PLC organize From feeding to assembling is organized by PLC. This machine adopts servo motor, running smoothly.
  • Sensors are available to monitor the feeding and assembly process, if there is any problem, it will stop automatically to protect the raw materials and machinery.
  • One person can operate multiple machines at the same time.

Terminal lug, a device attached to a conductor to allow connection to a terminal.

It provides attachment of wires or similar electrical conductors in order to establish an electrical connection, and you may need to use tools to connect the wires.

Automatic terminal lug assembly machine can make the production of terminal lug efficient, stable and automatic.

Automatic Terminal Lugs Assemble Machines