Maintenance of Non-standard Automation Equipment


First, when installing, disassembling and adjusting the slewing mechanism, the machine should pay attention to ensure that the non-standard automation equipment is parallel to the center line and the gear center line for the first time.

It is necessary to be suitable for the angle and effectively ensure that the machine is in operation.

Second, our equipment should always check the maintenance and connection of each part.

If it is loose, it should be tightened.

The body connection bolts should be checked for tightness when the body is under pressure.

All the connecting shafts must have a split pin and need to be fully opened.

Slowly smooth the main components.

Third, often replace the parts that are easy to wear.

If there is a fault, we need to eliminate the fault before continuing to operate.

The motor bearing lubrication should be good.

Always check all wires and cables for damage.

It is necessary to dress and replace the damaged part in time.

Effectively extend machine maintenance.