How To Solve The Problem Of Manual Feeding By Automatic Feeding

Due to the limitations of some hardware shearing or stamping die structures, in the process of using the flakes, when the length of the remaining material is equal to the length of the lower die, and the remaining material has reached the inside of the lower die cavity, the feeder cannot be used.

The feeding of the stepping step is continued in the lower mold, so that the punching machine can only be stopped manually, and the remaining sheet material is manually taken out in the state of mold opening for secondary production processing, which wastes the labor and makes the whole The production efficiency is reduced and the production and operation costs of the enterprise are increasing.

For this reason, the automatic feeding robot for the sheet material is a new type of feeder that has been specially developed and manufactured for the performance and effect that the above-mentioned ordinary feeder cannot achieve, and has obtained the national utility patent.