How to Choose the Required Pipe Cutting Machine?

The choice of pipe cutting machine can be viewed from the following aspects:

  1. Depending on the material to be cut, shape (round tube, square tube, bar, or special shape), Dimensions and thickness of materials, Cut straight or diagonally 45 degrees to choose different size models.

Different types of pipe cutting machines can process different sizes of materials;

Different materials require different power of pipe cutting machine;

The same pipe cutting machine, its 45 degrees of cutting material size is often smaller than 90 degrees of cutting;

Generally speaking, for relatively small iron pipe, copper pipe, in the cutting accuracy is not high, blanking output is not large can choose manual type or low-power semi-automatic pipe cutting machine.

2.According to the blanking accuracy requirements or quality requirements to determine.

If the blanking accuracy requirement is high, the output is large, the specification of the cutting material is large or thick, then we need to consider the automatic pipe cutting machine or the high-power semi-automatic pipe cutting machine.

Generally speaking, manual pipe cutting machine, semi-automatic pipe cutting machine and automatic pipe cutting machine all have the following characteristics:

Manual cutting machine: feeding, clamping and cutting are manual operation, mainly for some cutting requirements are not high, the efficiency is not high, and the cutting amount is not large occasions.

Semi-automatic pipe cutting machine: manual feeding, clamping and cutting are all automated operations, mainly for some occasions with high efficiency requirements, low length accuracy requirements and large cutting quantity.

Automatic pipe cutting machine: feeding, clamping, cutting are automatic operation, mainly for some high efficiency requirements, there are certain cutting precision requirements, and the cutting amount is also large occasions.

In the selection of pipe cutting machine, taking into account the above factors, I believe you can choose a suitable pipe cutting machine for your product.

Here we talk about automatic pipe cutting machines.

Generally speaking, for relatively small copper pipe, diameter less than 50mm, our YE-Q1 is very suitable; Bale cutting, will not cause cutting deformation because of thin wall.

If cutting relatively large copper pipe, aluminum pipe, diameter less than 120mm, it is recommended to consider our YE-Q2 pipe cutting machine. Bale or single cut, efficient and can ensure precision.