Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

This automatic pipe cutting machine adopt the technology by saw cutting. There adopts horizontal structure, including cooling system, oil pressure system, adjustment system, easy to operate and safe. There is a square hole under the cutter, and the cut pipe is pushed out horizontally and dropped into the collection box.

When the copper or aluminum pipes to be cut is pushed under the cutter of the cutting machine, press the cut-off button of the cutter, the saw will be pressed down by the servo motors, and the pipes under the cutter will be cut off. The size and length of the cutting can be adjusted according to different demand.


Feature of automatic pipe cutting machine :

  1. No fine dust particles are produced during cutting, which is easy to collect.
  2. Servo motors is used to automatic feeding, with reliable performance and safe use.
  3. The machine has compact structure and convenient maintenance.

YE-Q2 Automatic Tube Cutting Machine