Automatic Cable Lug Machine

Automatic cable lug machine – the components are automatic stamping die, vibration plate and controller. The controller controls automatic feeding of vibration plate and punching line cable lug of punch press.

Automatic stamping die, according to the function, can be divided into two parts, molding and trimming, automatic progressive operation. The controller presses the start button, and the tube is vibrated into the mold by the vibration plate, then the punching mold is produced. Suitable punch, waste can be discharged from the waste mouth, the finished product is easy to collect, not mixed.


Feature of automatic cable lug machine :

  1. The main circuit of the machine adopts imported PLC computer control work, the operation is simple, sensitive and easy to maintain.
  2. Vibration plate automatic feeding, reduce operational risk.
  3. Stamping die general can be adjusted.


automatic cable lug machine