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Copper Cable Lug Machine

Automatic cable lug machine - the components are automatic stamping die, vibration plate and controller. The controller controls automatic feeding of vibration plate and punching line cable lug of punch press.

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Automatic Brazing Machine

Automatic brazing machine braze terminal lugs with vibration plate feed. Most use methane and oxygen combustion to provide flame, which can dissolve the brazing wire filling terminal lug straight joints.

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Automatic Chamfering Machine

Automatic chamfering machine can chamfer double-end copper and aluminum tube. Automatic double-end chamfering machine adopts PLC control double servo motor. The motor can drive the speed of the mainshaft, and the air pressure pushes the material forward and backward. Achieve stable and correct continuous automatic processing.

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Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Automatic pipe cutting machine can realize bunching of copper and aluminum pipe cutting. Designed with horizontal structure, it includes cooling system, oil pressure system, adjustment system, which is easy to operate and safe. It is featured by stable structure, good rigidity, light weight and high dynamic response.

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Automatic Terminal Lug Assemble Machine

Automatic terminal lug assemble machine can assemble terminal lugs with two different vibrate plates. And it assemble the PVC sleeve and copper/brass bare terminal lug. The machine equipped with PLC control, motor protect system and sensor system. It can switch in different styles with steady output.

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Automatic Wire Ferrules Assemble Machine

Automatic wire ferrule assemble machine can assemble wire ferrule with two different vibrate plates. And it assemble the plastic parts and copper cord end terminal. Equip with PLC control, motor protect system and sensor system. Machine can detect 99% of the finished products through sensors. It can switch in the same specifications but different lengths with steady output.

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Frication Welding Machine

Bimetallic Lugs Frication Welding Machine can weld copper and aluminum together. And it can generate extrusion heat with high-speed rotation. Hydraulic pressure station and motor control system can achieve heavy pressure. Welding temperature can be selected and controlled in a wide range, and the welding time is very short. Therefore, it is relatively easy to prevent or greatly reduce the formation of intermetallic brittle compounds, so as to obtain a good welding joint.

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High Speed Circular Saw Cutting Machine

High speed circular saw cutting machine can cut copper, brass, aluminum and a variety of strapping or single metal bar. It is supplied by servo motor, clamped by hydraulic pressure. The machine adopts oil mist lubrication cutting. Meanwhile, one person can operate multiple machines.

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About Unique Electric

Professional And Expert Automatic Machine Supplier. Great high efficient electric solution.

Wenzhou unique electric co., Ltd. formerly known as yueqing unique electric., Ltd. Specializing in manufacturing, sales and R&D of automatic terminal lug assemble.

Why Choose Us

20 Years Experience

With 20 years of experience in automatic machine, we have grown from a small factory of three people, which can only achieve local machine customization, to a team company of 100 people, entered the global market. With a commitment of manufacturing automatic machine, we values the importance of customized service management, which is the foundation of winning the trust of customers.

Global Marketing

More than 1000 sets of automatic machine are running continuously and steadily worldwide. We do not have dealers, more simple and intuitive service for each customer. Create stable wealth value for more than 100 customers around the world. Welcome new partners and distributors to become a part of yqunique family.

Quality Matters

The decisive factor for the function of automatic machine is their precision. In the continuous customized production process, we choose the most suitable parts and accessories for our automatic machine. Therefore, we can achieve controllable production, and the product size error can reach 0.05 mm. Strict tolerance control, the compliance of which we ensure with modern manufacturing technology, enable us to meet our strict quality requirements.

Human Value

In the rapid development of the present, substitution from manual to mechanical work. We use automatic machines to achieve industrial automation, making production and manufacturing more efficient and standardized. Automatic machines could make industrialization more standard. By handing heavy tasks over to automated machines, they free up manpower for wider distribution.


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Our automatic machines include automatic cutting machine, automatic brazing machine, automatic assemble machine, automatic brazing machine and cable lug making machine.

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All of our automatic machines are customized. It will take about 15-35 days to produce the machine after we confirm the customization plan.

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